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22 April 2020

SEUROP: Belgium leads in high-yield beef production

Based on the standardized European SEUROP classification, Belgium has a leading position in terms of slaughters in the highest class for European Beef. This ensures top-quality European Beef for a meat buyers and importers world-wide.

SEUROP classification: structured quality

The SEUROP classification was developed to enable an objective evaluation of meat quality for the whole of Europe. It indicates the degree of ‘meatiness’ of the animal, which is represented by the letters S-E-U-R-O-P, going from S (for ‘superior’) to P (for ‘poor’). Each class differs from the previous one by a lean meat percentage of 5%. This way the classification ensures the transparency of the sector.

Belgium in leading position

When we divide the number of slaughters based on the SEUROP classification, what immediately catches the eye is Belgium’s leading position in terms of slaughters in the highest class (S). Moreover, the number of slaughters belonging to this highest class (S) continues to increase year after year.


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