75% less antibiotics in Belgian animal feeds, 65% less in total usage

To enhance food safety, Belgium has drastically reduced the use of antibiotics in animal feed and livestock farming, thus reaching their goals set for 2020. New goals set for 2024 will even further reduce the use, backed by continuous monitoring and tracing.

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COVID-19: how the Belgian meat industry manages unprecedented situations

During the corona pandemic, workers in slaughterhouses in several countries became infected. How did the Belgian meat industry handle this situation? And how do we generally deal with unprecedented health and food safety issues?

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Fact Check: How come Belgian beef suppliers are 100% customer-focused?

European beef owes its unique position to the people who make up the profession. From breeder, butcher to exporter: all the Belgian beef professionals know their customers and offer tailor-made services to enable smooth supply of quality European beef—so you can confidently import it to China.

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Beef in Belgium: Facts & Figures 2019

Belgium is one of the world’s leading producers and export countries of European meat. Its well-controlled production process, backed by years of experience and a clear focus on export, leads to a stable position on the meat trade market.

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SEUROP: Belgium leads in high-yield beef production

Based on the standardized European SEUROP classification, Belgium has a leading position in terms of slaughters in the highest class for European Beef. This ensures top-quality European Beef for a meat buyers and importers world-wide.

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Belgium, beef producer in the heart of Europe

Belgium has a long tradition in meat export (beef and pork) and occupies a leading role within the European meat production sector. Its strategic location in the heart of Europe is key in a swift and successful supply chain.

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Fact Check: What makes Belgium a pioneer in food safety?

Within Europe, Belgium has emerged as a forerunner in the area of food safety. From livestock feed to point-of-sale: the strictest control and traceability standards are applied, ensuring full safety and quality for meat buyers and importers. What’s the main differentiator?

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Belgian Meat suppliers guide 2021

Who is who: complete overview of all Belgian meat suppliers, with product specifications, activities, certifications, destinations,…


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